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USDA Indian River Citrus League Iron Project

Iron Project

Ferrous is the form of iron used by the plant.  The basic strategy is to use an organic acid (e.g., citric acid) to stabilize ferrous iron and prevent it from oxidizing into ferric iron (Fe3+).  The underlying idea includes two basic components: 1) HLB has compromised the ability of the tree to utilize iron, and/or 2) ferrous iron, not ferric, is required for the Fenton reaction, and the Fenton reaction may be useful for increasing a tree’s resistance to HLB.  Thus, providing the tree with ferrous iron directly may circumvent the effects of HLB and possibly increase the tree’s resistance.

Project Resources:

  1. US Patent 8945631B2 – Liquid for Treatment of Citrus Greening Disease and Treatment Method Using Same
    A patent first issued in Japan in 2013 and in the US in 2015 that claims a liquid treatment for curing citrus greening disease.
    Abstract: Provided are: a liquid for treatment of Citrus greening disease, which is capable of curing citrus trees with Citrus greening disease; and a treatment method using the liquid. The liquid for treatment of Citrus greening disease contains Fe ions and at least some of the Fe ions are present in the form of Fe2+ ions. This treatment liquid contains a predetermined amount of Fe ions and an acid. Citrus greening disease is able to be cured by spraying the treatment liquid onto leaves of citrus trees infected with Citrus greening disease or by pouring the treatment liquid on the roots of citrus trees infected with Citrus greening disease.
  2. Summary of US Patent 8945631B2
    A quick reference table that summarizes the three experiments and results presented in the patent as evidence.
  3. A video explaining US Patent 8945631B2
    Randy Niedz (U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory) explains the claims of the patent, the experiments conducted, and the results.  High Resolution Video (229 MB)  Low Resolution Video for mobile devices (64 MB)
  4. Formulation Calculations for Treatment Liquids A and B
    How to formulate the solutions in the patent used to treat field trees.
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